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Protecting Your Children Before, During, and After Your Divorce

Sometimes children are overlooked during marital conflict.  Here is some great advice to help your children thrive as you are dealing with the breakdown of your relationship: When you are struggling with the financial, psychological, and legal issues associated with a divorce, it’s difficult to remember that

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How to Separate From Your Spouse with Divorce Mediation

During a divorce mediation, two parties sit down with a neutral mediator to come to a resolution. Married couples must decide how to split assets and determine custody and support of their children, if any, which can be contentious topics. Working with a trained mediator allows lines

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4 Reasons Collaborative Law is Better than Traditional Litigation

The decision to dissolve a marriage is one of the most life-changing and difficult realities that a lot of people face. Usually, when this decision is made, it is hard not to have high emotions attached as well. This high level of stress is only compounded by

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