Unbundled Services or Limited Representation

The high costs of legal fees in divorces or other family law conflicts have caused many people to seek unbundled or à la carte services from attorneys. Also known as “limited representation,” the client and lawyer in this scenario at the onset agree upon the specific tasks to be handled by the attorney. Typically the lawyer offers a menu of services to a client regarding a particular matter and the client selects the service the attorney will perform. The client and lawyer agree upon the terms of payment. Depending upon the scope of the representation, specific documents are filed with the court if a case is pending which notifies the court and the other party of the scope of the lawyer’s representation.

Examples of à la carte services in family law matters may include providing legal advice, drafting specific pleadings, reviewing documentation, negotiating and drafting settlement agreements, attending mediation, and conducting legal research. Rather than hiring an attorney as the attorney of record in a divorce case and paying a full retainer at the onset, the client may hire the attorney for the specific purpose of attending mediation and pay a lesser fee for the attorney’s services. Attorneys performing limited scope representation to parties are required to comply with Rule 12.040 of the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure.

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